Yamabico 330mm Hand Saw (407-33)

SKU: Yamabico 330mm Hand Saw (407-33)



Innovative, dual-purpose pruning saw with both fine (8 teeth per inch) and coarse (5 teeth per inch) teeth on one 13-inch, ultra-strong, mono-constructed blade. Fine teeth are located on the back of the blade (back teeth) for undercutting. Whether you are cutting thin or thick branches, the back teeth can be used to cut the branch on the underside (undercut) which allows avoiding splitting and leaving a very smooth surface after cutting. The saw is equipped with rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated, taper-ground blade with an impulse-hardened non-set tooth design. The blade is mono-constructed giving strength and flexibility to the full length of the saw. The precision-ground, razor-sharp teeth provide fast, clean and extremely smooth cutting action. The hard chrome-plated blade resists rust and effects of tree resin, and wipes clean easily. Comfortable non-slip rubber handle absorbs vibration, reduces work fatigue and provides superior grip when hands are wet or when wearing gloves. Exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality. Durable black polypropylene sheath with belt holder is included. Suitable for all pruning tasks. Made in Japan. 
Technical Features 
- 13-inch (330 mm) blade length 
- 5-8 teeth per inch (6-10 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration 
- 0.6 pounds (260 grams) operating weight; 0.95 pounds (420 grams) weight with sheath 
- Durable yellow polypropylene sheath with belt clip is included 
- Product applications include pruning & trimming, lawn & garden 
- Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

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