Weaver 1036 Climbing Saddle - Large

SKU: WS1036-LG



Weaver 1036 Climbing Saddle - Medium
One floating Dee made from forged aluminum with black anodized finish
Fixed position side dee rings for easy access
Two additional dees are located at the bottom of the waist back
Saddle backs feature two rounded nylon loops that are covered with clear rubber tubes that help resist excess wear. Each loop will hold up to 15 lbs. of accessories.
Adjustable accessory leg straps that keep your padded leg straps positioned for optimum comfort.
Front strap is reinforced with neoprene for extra durability.
Extra wide 6" rubberized belting back helps provide firm support.
Waist back is foam filled and lined with soft oil tanned top grain steer hide leather for added comfort.
Loop for holding carabiners and two nylon utility straps with a chrome brass 200 snap and a 2" nickel plated ring keep to tools close at hand.
The 2" nylon leg straps feature slip-on, foam filled, leather lined pads for extra comfort.
  • Not to be used for fall arrest.

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