Big Shot Package 4




The BIG SHOT® makes quick work of getting a working line into position and helps get you get onto the job at hand. Used to launch a throw weight (with line attached) over a tree’s branch to tow working lines into position. This very simple, oversized slingshot uses fiberglass extension poles butted against the ground to eliminate recoil and maximize launching distance of 3 to 20 ounce weights. While hand-throwing straight up is nearly impossible… or at best, requires a great deal of practice, the BIG SHOT® allows operators to launch nearly straight up into the tallest canopies, avoiding adjacent brush and limbs. Other mechanical launchers using gunpowder or pressurized gas have limited ability to control distance, leading to grossly over-fired shots.With just a little practice, you’ll be able to toss a weight high or low with near pin point accuracy. For peak performance, don’t use the BIG SHOT® with total pole length less than 8 feet.

Includes BIG SHOT® with two 4' fiberglass poles.

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